Gossip: Andy Rubin, why leave Android? The results of the Google route of internal fighting intensified

a few weeks ago, we are focusing on Google will close Google Reader , but did not cause enough attention: Andy rubin ( Andy Rubin ) as android head, another arrangement. His position was Sundar Pichai replace. This message is from Google larry page ( Larry Page ) through a blog post published in person.

horrified us not to ask: why?

the rubin personally founded android , then a company is taken over into Google and under his leadership, android grow as the world’s largest mobile operating system, around the world hundreds of millions of mobile devices are installed with android .

, android is rubin’s child.

now his children are being taken away? according to? !

because he was famous, jobs’ bad temper?

a few weeks after, the reporter in silicon valley, inquire about, looking for Google employees know the situation before, even got Google internal sources, we are to understand why the rubin node at this time leave android .

rubin was a tyrant, don’t beg like Google employees. But it is not his leave android

all sources said rubin has bad temper, like things and not lovable personality, and even a bit mean.

but rubin is not the first day in this way, he was always like that…

this character’s top in Google is not a alone. Nikesh Arora is also his former colleagues as “see his face has beat his impulse”, he still controls the Google’s biggest revenue, has not been kicked.

as far as we know, Mr. Page has never been a judge character to my job. He only pursues do its use, as long as there is value, regardless of character.

so the page with the Sundar Pichai replace rubin, there must be some other purpose.

the problem is concentrated here: leather mining can give Android bring anything new, and these rubin couldn’t do it?

page view: Android only the means of achieve the goal, is not the goal itself

at the beginning of this year, the Wall Street journal, rubin to android one of the most successful cooperation manufacturers, as android a potential threat.

why? Because samsung occupies too much market share, obtained has been widely accepted by consumers. Samsung may rewrite Android code, come up with a samsung customised version Android … It probably isn’t called “ android “.

report also said that the rubin in front of the house Google official statement, the value of MOTOROLA is defense samsung too big.

therefore, rubin perspective in the Android is a need to protect and defend Google domain.

but we understand the news: the page views and rubin is completely different.

page view, Google is a variety of cloud services company (a cloud services company), based on a series of core services: popular with the users search, maps, Gmail and YouTube , etc.

in the idea of a page, the Android just a pipe, and partners to promote together, the Google services to users.

as a side benefit: Android broke the ios the monopoly, to avoid the apple’s closed system monopoly mobile market.

understand this, you can see why is skin over the rubin.

leather production was responsible for the promotion of Google toolbar, and many producers cooperation with Google toolbar. According to our sources, establish good cooperation with many producers, greatly promoted the early stage of the Google search to the expansion of business, makes Google search users’ daily habits. Google executives really appreciate this.

it is believed that this time page skin collects to the trick of hope: through cooperation and a wide range of producers, will Google a lot of services through mobile terminal to send to the user’s presence. If the terminal with the operating system called android , that nature is better; If it’s called samsung OS , that it doesn’t matter.


a lot of analysis of wet that Google acquisition MOTOROLA apple route is to go, realization of software and hardware integration closed solution. If this analysis is true, wouldn’t it be and page “ android just means, not purpose “contradiction?

our source is to provide a reasonable explanation. He reminded us note that Google did not give MOTOROLA sent to a competent product line, but send Dennis Woodside at MOTOROLA. Woodside from Google’s sales department.

so our sources believe that Google acquisition MOTOROLA not to study the apple. The leading cause of real as Google himself has repeatedly claimed (and the outside world do not believe) : for patent!

page is that Woodside at MOTOROLA just to make MOTOROLA galloped in hardware technology development. Page hope MOTOROLA will focus on providing better and more lasting battery technology, faster mobile phone chips, thus promote the whole mobile phone manufacturing industry going forward.


the result is to improve the hardware development of the industry, on these better hardware, happy to run around the experience better Google services…


this paper views are for reference only, do not represent the hunting cloud network identity analysis. nullnull