Google’s $30 million takeover of natural language Wavii technology company

Beijing time on April 24, according to foreign media reports, the latest and reliable sources, Google has finally completed the natural language processing innovation enterprise Wavii deal, the deal price for more than $3000.

Wavii based in Seattle, previously, apple and Google are in bid for the company, but Google has finally win. Wavii main developing independent polymerization technology and natural generalization algorithm, and the reason that apple wanted to buy the company, mainly in order to enhance the Siri business.

after Google to complete the purchase transactions, including Wavii company founder Adrian’s grace (Adrian Aoun), 25 member will also be removed from Seattle, to join Google Knowledge Graph (Knowledge map) business.

shortly after, the media reported that Google has with Wavii merger talks, and in apple and Google after the battle, with Wavii beat Google finally signed a purchase agreement. Google acquisition Wavii is happened after yahoo finance company’s $30 million takeover of polymerization Summly soon. Summly similar to Wavii and aggregating content as the main business.

industry think, Wavii may be more suitable for Google Now, but in fact, Wavii semantic search function will also produce effective help to Google Knowledge, because it may help to integrate Google currently in the information displayed on the side of the majority of search. In addition, Wavii NLP and disambiguation technology can also be widely should use Google multiple platforms, including platforms such as Google News and Google Glass.

in the Google acquisition Wavii, Wavii from Max Levchin, CrunchFund, SV Angel, Felicis Ventures, Mitch Kapor, Fritz Lanman, Max Ventilla, Shawn Fanning, Rick Marini and Dave Mori and other companies to raise $2 million in seed money.

the trade rumors have been completed, so far, Google and Wavii did not comment.

source: tencent technology