Google will open a shop selling smart glasses accessories, the price is expensive

2014 nearly, Google is also trying to Google Glass, to increase production to try for abundant supply of goods. According to the current situation, Google is also interested in tie-in sale Glass accessories. Some Glass developers have noticed that a new upcoming Glass accessories shop. In accessories shop, sale will spare chargers, peach skin, transparent protective lens, and the small bag is with Glass upgrade new mono headsets and so on, the future products will also be sold in the Glass.

obviously, if the current photos of said is correct, these parts will not be too cheap. Google currently on new mono earplugs, peach skin velvet bag, cable + charger quote us the unit price is $50, and transparent protective cover is offer $75. Google Glass technical support web site show that association website includes a Maui Jim with Zeal called jointly create sunglasses accessories shop, but now the store also doesn’t support separate purchase.

when consumers buy after Google Glass, to get to the shop to buy things. But now that Google is transforming a large barge docked at the San Francisco bay, is likely to build it into Glass related entity shop.