Google will launch the new Nexus on July 7 price as low as $149

according to Reuters, Google is developing a New the Nexus 7 , will be on the 2013 in the second half of the listed, with low prices will dip 149 $$ 950 element.

according to informed sources, the tablet as early as the 7 month, 2013 years is expected to sell 600 to 8 million .

price did not completely sure. New tablet may be price 149 $, or Google will old the Nexus 7 price down to 149 $, and the New edition continues the old version of the price: 199 $. The pricing strategy has the continuity, the purpose is with amazon the Kindle Fire tablet competition.

The New

the Nexus 7 still will be produced by asus, but no longer USES the nvidia chip prototypes series, instead qualcomm chip.

a few weeks ago and there are rumors that amazon is developing an 99 $platform computer, but amazon official clarified: no. Our current hardware is low to cannot be further lowered. Amazon’s cheapest the Fire tablet for 159 $.


the Nexus 7 149 $cost-effective appearance, it will give amazon made a lot of pressure.

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