Google wallet team off NFC and in the future?


5 9 message, according to foreign media reports, the telecom industry in the United States, such as pay the opponent under sniper, Google based on NFC NFC payment products “Google wallet” has failed to take off, lead to team exploded. A few days ago, Google confirmed, the vice President in charge of Google wallet bei dir (Osama Bedier ) have left.

Google spokesman Nate Tyler confirmed, bei dir decided to leave Google and seek other opportunities, and during work at Google, bei dir achieved excellent results.

the spokesman also said that the payment is an important activity of People’s Daily, Google will remain committed to make payments more convenient in the future.

bei dir in 2011 years to join Google, had earlier in the eBay effect. With him to join Google’s another eBay executives Stephanie Tilenius had already left, to risk investment industry.

it is reported that the United States of mobile payment and digital wallets increasingly heated competition in the market, in addition to eBay its PayPal , visa, mastercard, American express, and Square , Stripe , and many other startups.

Google wallet product USES the NFC technology, consumers just merchants from Taiwan “touch” the gently, can complete, but Google this product did not build its powerful alliance (severe lack of support of smart phones), including the United States credit card industry, mobile operators are set up their own mobile payment industry products, this led to the Google wallet is not able to open the situation.

since last year, Google wallet, the phenomenon of the loss of employees, there are seven employees leaving the company, founded a new payment company Tappmo , and other employees to Square payment industry competitors, etc.