Google vice President laughed at the new Facebook copying Google +

there is no lack of numerous scientific and technological enterprise of the silicon valley of rivals, but silicon valley has always been very few public ridicule each other, and ur, Google vice President? Holzer (Urs H? Lzle) broke the “traditional” – in his own Google + page laugh at Facebook’s new design copied the Google Google + social network.

holzer cited the Los Angeles times website on March 7, published titled “Facebook version information flow like Google +? A lot of people think so,” the article, this article summarizes the netizen on Twitter for Facebook News feed edition design some of the comments, they both claimed that Facebook “naked copied the Google +”.

holzer own comment is full of irony: “mark? Zuckerberg (Facebook founder and CEO) to copy Google + for selling point, the most sincere flattery than this! I am very proud of!”

the appended drawings is Google + and the design of the new Facebook, do you think they like?

source: sohu it