Google turns SongHuoLang: start delivery goods delivered on the same day

message on March 29, according to foreign media reports, in the search, glasses, mobile phone, driverless cars, such as optical fiber broadband business, express delivery industry become a part of Google’s new product line. On March 28, Google officially launched the public the same day delivery Courier service.

before the industry have been speculated that this time, Google express service officially unveiled public, its official name is “Google shopping express. Google will first carries on the experimental operation, in San Francisco, California and surrounding areas.

if this pilot project progress is good, Google will be extended to more cities in the United States. The United States a lot of shopping website will participate in the test of Google, including Target stores, Walgreen, etc. Said to all the participants in the service of the goods, will be focused on a web site to display.

in addition, Google to enter the express industry, take the way of outsourcing, all transportation will be done by external logistics company, logistics company will be in retailers warehouse take goods, and then sent to the hands of consumers.

Google and logistics companies have signed the outsourcing contract, it is reported, Google will provide uniform to logistics company, the truck will also with Google logo.

ap analysis thinks, the same day delivery service, Google is raising consumer dependent part of a plan of the Internet, as long as it is more consumers shopping online, Google search users can get more, get more chance to display advertising. In addition, as long as people spend more time on the Internet, Google’s YouTube, Gmail and other Internet services, will push.

in addition, efficient delivery service, will stimulate retailers to enter the confidence of the e-commerce, and they buy more in the Google search advertising.

retail network war in the United States, the service has become a focus of competition, amazon, eBay has launched in several cities on the day of service, electric business, wal-mart in five cities also introduced the same day.

but the Associated Press analysis also points out, for consumers, on the day of undoubtedly can greatly enhance online shopping satisfaction, but for service providers, the day will be able to profit is still a mystery. Miscellaneous goods online retailers Webvan long before launched on the same day delivery service, the consumer is not willing to pay more to improve the quality of service, the site also collapsed in 2001.

in a six-month trial period, consumers in California without for the same day to pay an additional fee, in addition, Google will get commission income from online retailers to participation.

translation: sohu it