Google to follow yahoo, redesign the Logo? Unlikely!

Google to redesign the Logo?

when xiao yun see this article from the news, the first feeling is not too. But think about her recently advertised yahoo Logo design news, don’t think the news is not likely .

however, late some, from foreign technology press TheVerge reports, denied the news.

Ars Technica reported in the new and old icon contrast

yesterday, some media Revelations, Android beta Chrome Logo to be different. This icon is completely removed the oblique Angle of view, completely rendered for flat 2 d images. In addition, on the color saturation is as good as they used to.

at the above news soon, TheVerge quoted Google insider news that Google did not redesign Logo . The flattening of Logo can appear only in special circumstances, such as print banner. So far, Android Chrome of Logo has returned to normal

in short, Google not to redesign the Logo .

it is understood that Google is currently in use of Logo in the 2010 in certain. After Logo in perspective, the stereo feeling, the color is much more complicated.

that is above 2010, before the use of Google Logo, that is below 2010 by Google Logo

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