Google: the next generation system is Android4.4, will be named “bar”

Google official recently announced earlier, Android 4.4 will be named “KitKat” (bars).

according to report, the name of the ownership of the trademark owned by nestle. However, as early as this year 2 month, held in Rio Laura global mobile communication conference, Google has reached agreement with nestle.

although the deal does not involve any cash flows, but 19 a national and regional sales, nearly 5000 m nestle KitKat products will get a “privilege” — on the packaging of the product with Android symbol. In addition, lucky to have a chance to win consumers the Nexus 7 or Google Play gift certificate. It is reported, the nestle KitKat, wrapping paper, as early as two months ago has been secret (it is said that Google employees don’t know), so consumers don’t have to worry about supply source. John local Google Android, head of global partnerships ( John Lagerling ) told BBC an interview: “we have been called the New system before the Key Lime Pie (key lime pie). Even more interestingly, nestle in honor of the cooperation, but also special production 500 Android small shape KitKat.

as North America’s largest manufacturer of confectionery, Hershey (Hershey) is a KitKat products processing manufacturers in the United States. If the plan to implement smoothly, Google will further negotiate with good company. However, sources, and ultimately through the plan, or by the nestle and Google both decision.

Why Android

I need to change new system name? A Google spokesman told the foreign technology press TheVerge interview, points out that KitKat has been Locke hammel (Hiroshi Lockheimer engineering, vice President of ) favorite candy. Even his Gmail head were Kitkat logo. Not only that, 2010 , Android department also use KitKat to decorate the Locke hammel the office door.

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