Google: the Android business director rubin office close Google Reader

Beijing time on March 14, the morning news, Google announced on Wednesday that the Android business director Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) will be gone, his successor as business director Sundar Chrome leather mining (Sundar Pichai). Google also said will be closed on July 1 RSS subscription service, Google Reader.

Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page), said in the active after leaving office, Mr Rubin will continue in Google, but the company did not disclose details.

page blog article said: “rubin decided, and now it is time to hand over control (Android), Google open a new chapter. Andy, looking forward to you again on the moon!”

the industry pointed out that the leather production to replace the rubin position shows that Android and Chrome OS will further close distance, in competition with the combination of apple’s iOS and Mac OS. One possibility is that Google will Android is similar to Java programming framework with integration of Chrome OS, which allows Android applications run on Chrome OS. But mining in this released last month, Pixel laptop, said now is too early to discuss the matter.