Google smart watches not far away? Last year Google has bought a smart watch start-ups

Google many media reported recently bought a smart watch startup WIMM Labs, then got Google official confirmed the news. The deal may be completed as early as last summer.

Google acquisition of a company, the purpose is to promote more Android device strategy and launch its own wearable devices (smart glasses, etc.). Before, said Google plans to Android promotion to intelligent game consoles, watches and other devices.

WIMM Labs 2011 year they released its first pick up Android system intelligent watch WIMM one , and provides a platform for developers to develop applications.

, WIMM Labs employees have joined Android department. The mergers and acquisitions may last summer has been completed, but neither side announced that until recently the news media. Last summer, WIMM Labs announced as confidential, the reason of inconvenience known to outsiders, the company no longer launch new products. Now, it seems, the so-called secret reason, is bought by Google.

Google their plan is still in the haze, wearable equipment before it was reported that Google is developing an Android system of smart watches, but did not provide more details. No matter how Google’s rhythm, more and more companies are moving into intelligent watches, samsung will have the 9 on 5 samsung smart watches the Galaxy Gear , the media have repeatedly reported that Microsoft, apple, etc. Several companies also in the development of smart watches.

no matter you like it or not, maybe the wave of smart watches really coming.