Google smart watch will be mass production, or substantially improve the battery life

according to the Wall Street journal reports, the rumors of Google smart watch will be ready to enter mass production stage, and will in a few months after the official launch. Currently, Google is responsible for the smart watch production of Asian suppliers in talks.

it is reported that previously reported that carry the Android smart watch will deeply integrated into Google Now (Google voice assistant), to provide users with more convenient view functions alerted to the (weather, geographical position, etc.).

sources, Google this smart watches can communicate with other devices like smart phones (probably) via the data connection. More it is worth noting that the reported that Google is trying to reduce the energy consumption of smart watch, and this is s is a wearable devices on the market at present one of the problems.

Google for wearable device as other competitors. Although Google glasses that cost up to $1500 (developer beta), eagerly anticipated by his still make a lot of people. Earlier, Google bought a Android intelligent watchmakers WIMM Labs, this may mean the Google is actively into the smart watch market.

incorporates Google Now equipment whether he will be able to do the “kill” the so-called “smart watch” on the market? Let’s wait and see!