Google shuffling the strategic adjustment: behind the Android and Chrome OS integration challenge Microsoft desktop system power

As Google

Chrome and the application of vice President, Pichai has made many successful: Chrome browser usage in the desktop system has been in a leading position, IOS the Google applications on the system design of outstanding excellence, this Pixel shows the Google in the production of high-end equipment of ambition. If Rubin leave android is Google the beginning of a new chapter, then the Pichai the next step is to make Android the rapid development of The Times.

what does it mean? The most likely is that Google Chrome and Android system will make a single operating system. of course, this will not immediately to complete, it needs to be Pichai two unified integration and management team, thus unified view and paths of development in the future, so it takes time. If this can be achieved, Google platform with the world’s largest desktop operating system Windows to compete. This dream is easy to implement, at present, Google’s Android system occupies the absolute dominance in the mobile market, this is the best capital, Google is also to ensure the future unified operating system may be the cornerstone of success.

Microsoft to alert

PC manufacturers have started to produce different price Cromebook notebook to test it may replace the Microsoft operating system. Chrome OS are easily accepted by hardware developers, most of these companies will support all platforms, and even don’t give up any a chance. Google in Android and Chrome OS two platforms have established a good relationship and many manufacturers, Google has the ability to quickly build a benign ecological system, that Microsoft will start to worry about.


Chrome OS (using the Chrome browser implementations in the cloud) means that in a foreseeable time it may not be a major computing platform service for the user. Native applications in a short period of time and can’t a lot, but Google has a very good native applications platform, can help him more than all the people expected success, the platform is Android .

merge two platform makes perfect sense, even Pichai mother always wonder why these two platforms. Pichai think there’s a reason for the “for users, separate”. But as time goes on, moves towards the unification of the two systems will be. There are very few companies can successfully develop two or more operating systems, so want to find a way to bring them into together.

we can Chrome Pixel see the shadow of the system integration, but under the condition of current technology, Chrome OS it is difficult to realize optimization on touchscreen devices: scrolling is not smooth, touch the target is too small to identify a touch of the operating system Chrome application is too little, however, Android touch optimization is good. But on the other hand, Android on the large screen of the tablet was more failure, despite the Chrome browser, but never think that this is a local network platform. The Chrome OS in establishing a perfect application, the ecosystem of the rich lead people don’t want to use the operating system. But just as you can see the two platforms can be complementary. And so, this Pixel don’t like an expensive laptop, more like Google used to experiment the idea stage. Google wants to let the outside world see merger is possible, it is also a Google to explore the real calculation of a platform in the future.

Google with the lack of the local operating system and network integration of experienced people, Google hired more than a dozen new employees, is a former Palm engineer, working in different divisions of the company, from android, Chrome browser to Google Play , etc. The list is one of the most famous designer Matias , Chrome team have some understanding of the local talent of platform and network integration, are from webOS .

than webOS failing, in Plam weak place, Google has its own powerful advantages. He is rich in resources, has a relatively strong computing platform and a strong will. Google in Android and Chrome OS both platforms and the developers have cooperative relations, while webOS failed, but for Google, the dream is still on.

the most important of all, Google is the opportunity to go beyond when Microsoft was a bit weak. Windows 8