Google said the FBI secretly monitoring some of its confidential information by the user

Beijing time on March 8, according to foreign media reports, Google on Tuesday released data on “national security letters”, points out that the FBI (FBI) are secret monitoring some of its users.

Google released Tuesday in recent years received the approximate scope, the number of “national security letters” according to the requirements of “national security letters” Google must unconditionally to the U.S. government to provide the user’s account information. This is the first release for enterprise data on “national security letters”.

national secret letters received data (tencent technology illustrated)

“the home security letters” to the U.S. can be obtained without the judicial supervision on American property detailed information and communication. The FBI has sent hundreds of thousands of “national security letters”, and because of the abuse of “national security letters”. The FBI’s requirements in the “national security letters” Internet service providers such as Google, finance companies, financial institutions and enterprises must provide confidential information about their customers, such as customer information, phone number, email address, visit the website, the FBI and other more so-called information related to the investigation.

Google said that every year between 2009 and 2012 to receive “0-999” seal “national security letters”.

in negotiations with authorities announced the Numbers, Google said national security is that the government must consider. Google legal director, Richard? Michel Salgado (Richard Salgado) wrote in a blog post: “you will notice that we just released the scope of the general rather than specific Numbers, this is because the FBI, the justice department and other agencies worry about specific Numbers may leak check information. However, we plan to update these Numbers every year.”

Elena salgado, no comment.

in 2011, involving the FBI issued 7201 different persons 16511 “national security letters”. Google said that from 2009 to 2012, received the “national security letters”, except in 2010, covering 2000 to 2999 a user account, the rest are involved in every year from 1000 to 1999 account.

Google points out that the FBI may obtain the cable or electronic communication service user’s name, address, length of service record information such as cost, local and long-distance calls, but the FBI cannot use of “national security letters” to get other information from Google, such as Gmail content, search requests, YouTube video or user IP address, etc.

according to the United States the Patriot Act (Patriot Act), if the government thinks that “national security letters” request is combating international terrorism or secret intelligence activities related investigation, so Google or other institutions in after receipt of the “national security letters” must provide relevant information.

“national security letters” is a powerful tool, because they are without court approval, and apply to the gag order, in case the receiver direction others received the “national security letters” details. When investigating terrorist activities, only issued by competent, FBI agents themselves can be to the credit agencies, Internet service provider or telephone company send the “national security letters”.

however, Due to the lack of judicial oversight, excessive abuse of the possibility of “national security letters”. In 2007, the U.S. justice department inspector general review found that the FBI in many cases abuse of power and “national security letters”. Than, for example, in September? After September 11th, the FBI and AT& T and Verizon reached millions of dollars in contract, for the two companies to arrange the employee within the FBI, these employees are allowed to enter the number of telecommunications According to the library, so that they can meet the needs of the FBI to investigate the phone records in a timely manner. The justice department inspector general, also found that these employees to FBI agents without written permission of illegal check user record, even for the FBI to write “national security letters”.