Google released the Nexus 5, priced at $349

the Nexus 5 finally released yesterday night in Beijing time! The following cloud network hunting for you to focus on combing the Nexus of 5 various characteristics (parameters).

parameter configuration:

4.95 -inch 1080 p screen (up to 445 ppi);

the third generation of corning gorilla glass screen protection;

2.3 GHz 800 processor quad-core qualcomm Xiao dragon;

8 million pixels rear camera, 1.3 million pixels front-facing camera;

2300 ma battery capacity;

2 gb of RAM, 16/32 gb storage space;

with Android 4.4 system;

the weight 130 grams;

support 4 g LTE networks;

support bluetooth 4.0 and NFC function;

have black and white two colors to choose from.

outstanding features:

lighter, lighter than the Nexus 4 9 g;

screen is bigger, the Nexus of 4 screen size is 4.7 inches;

the higher resolution, the Nexus of 4 a resolution of 720 p;

performance is stronger, the Nexus of 4 processor as Xiao dragon S4 Pro;

camera was improved, the Nexus of five built into the same as the LG G2 optical image stabilization function (optical image stabilization). In addition, the Nexus 5 also has the function of an HDR + found low light shooting a boost after the measured.

the further integration of Google Now voice assistant function, is similar to the MotoX voice wake up function.


the Nexus has 5 sale in Google Play, 16 g version price is $349, the 32 gb version for $399.

in addition, you can also buy from the official launch of mobile phone protective cover, Google provides users with red, yellow, black, gray, 4 kinds of color, the price is $34.99. And from LG is similar to the Smart Cover protective shell for $49.99, but only black, white dichromatic.

not only such, Google also released official for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (ii), using the built-in magnet fixed equipment (to) wireless charger, but the price is unknown.