Google Reader’s death means the ending of the era of the Internet for free?

Beijing time on March 16, according to foreign media reports, the Washington post news corp. ‘s review site Slate writing for a long time F gerhard – mann keogh, Farhad Manjoo recently in an op-ed article summarizes “the death of Google Reader” for the enlightenment of today’s Internet age. Keogh viewed, we choose the commonly used software in the future at the same time, should not only pay attention to the function of the software design, more to pay attention to whether the back has a mature business revenue model. Because, although the free online application is good, but nothing will always be free.

here is the article main content:

I have long said, I don’t like RSS reader. Because when you use RSS reader to subscribe to your favorite site, and to integrate the article to a monotonous, mainly on text interface after no aesthetic feeling can be said, even is abruptly turned the pleasure of reading news into a task. From my personal experience, after using an RSS reader, my RSS mailbox is filled with all sorts of before I open the reading news, and open the mailbox even as I open my work email become stressful. Therefore, when Google announced this week that will be closed in July 1 RSS subscription service after Google Reader, I did not feel anxious, even in his own Twitter made some “rather celebratory speech.”

course, this is just my personal opinion. But for the vast majority of Google Reader users, they not only like this service, more is very dependent on it, Google Reader have even become part of people’s focus in work and life. Now, Google Reader coming to the end of your life, and this part of the user is completely lost themselves. , of course, they can focus on your own news source subscription to other RSS subscriber, but even so, they still need to worry about your choice of the next whether RSS subscriber has to meet with the same fate as the Google Reader.

Google said the company shut down Google Reader is mainly due to the usage of the service is on the decline. But it should be pointed out that, Google Reader is by far the most popular RSS Reader, if even the Google Reader is no longer popular, other RSS Reader can live how long?

cloud applications regression of

about this, I like many RSS reader lovers empathy. Because daily equipment, including tablets, smart phones, has been encouraging us to try new applications, new services, but when we started on a particular service poured a lot of energy, but we have to face the risks it may stop service. Back to Google just released Google Reader, in 2005, when Google company hype for this service, as if the service will exist forever (perhaps at that time they did think so). When you believe in the valley song publicity slogans, but now it has been relentless betrayed.

it should be said that the demise of the Google Reader highlights the downside of cloud-based applications, that is some very dependent on software will be in one day you suddenly leave you. Although the traditional desktop applications also inevitable may encounter with fate, but these software has the ability to continue to “landscape”, because even today, the user can also continue to use the old software such as WordPerfect or Lotus 1-2-3. But the truth is not applicable to the cloud software, when software publishing company announced it would terminate the cloud software operations, they came to the end of your life. A little part of human nature may be before the end of the application service allows users to export their own data, but these software life termination process is irreversible.

from this level, the closing of the Google Reader may be a wake-up call for us, it helps us to learn before using a new application should take a long-term view of reason. Even with a creative, cheap, and even completely free so still should use appeared in front of you. When come across these software, in fact, you should be more vigilant, because the cost of software development is a huge project, and the design of the excellent software engineers and excellent talent often can only choose to join the company with strong profitability. So, when you choose in the future application, the program design is not the only factor you need to consider, you also need to consider whether it has a mature business profit model.

, for example, in the select a project for your own project management tools, you should be more inclined to choose the traditional company developed by charging application. Although payment model also no guarantee that the application of long-term survival, but at least it shows that the application for its development and the company also has a very important strategic significance. On the other hand, the free, and there is no clear profit model application is most likely make you shock announcement overnight. The list goes on, including continuous, Tr. Im, Memolane, site and many yahoo’s application.

Google’s black and white list

however, Google seems to be a special case. The company’s most applications are provided free of charge, and Google for the profit model of the products, never is particularly keen to develop a large number of experimental and new products. Found in Google, however, a product doesn’t meet their target, they will not spare to cut it.

before, users still can be at ease use most Google products free of charge, without worrying about a service may be suddenly shut down. Among them, the search is Google’s main business, at the same time is also the biggest source of income to; Chrome system can help users use other Google services; Gmail has great value for Google, because the service can be continuously encourage users to log on to their Google account; Google document cannot create massive profits for the company, but the service is very important for this project; By news aggregators BuzzFeed become “ghost towns” Google Google + social network, though few users, but from the Google always in integrating it to other services posture, the prospects of this service is still safe.

in addition to the above these, I for the future of Google’s other products is not so sure, when is the Google Voice. Users can use Google Voice to create a separate telephone number, and through this number to manage all of your mobile phone number, phone number, Voice mail, SMS and so on. Myself is the service of loyal users, and use it as my main contact number, so if the service in the future one day suddenly shut down, I will need to send a text message to all my friends, colleague, tell them my new contact information. For Google Voice in the future not sure because I don’t know the profit pattern of the service (a service never received a penny I), and Google has a very long time did not make any important update on its.

a Google Voice loyal users who remind me, according to Google in the last year has put Google Voice links from the more obvious the drop-down navigation menu moved to a less visible deep menu options, is this a Google will abandon Google Voice signal? I don’t know. But it is certainly not a positive signal, maybe now I should have to start looking for a substitute for the service, especially those who will charge for similar products.

Google Scholar (Google Scholar) are also in the column of “danger list”, “Scholar” is a free search scholarly articles of Internet search engine, can help users find include journal articles, dissertations, books, preprints, abstract and technical reports, academic literature, covering natural sciences, humanities, social science and other disciplines. Although this service with Google is committed to “sharing knowledge” global vision, but I didn’t see any ads in the “scholar”, also can’t think of this product other possible profit model. So, I also does not rest assured for this service.

there are Google launched social networking service Orkut, I think this product can survive to the present itself is a wonderful thing. Orkut users may have heard that the service is still very popular in Brazil, but the fact that Facebook has begun to gradually replace Orkut status in Brazil. So, Orkut users please tidy up your things from this platform, I’m afraid the coming end of the service.


to be fair, Google Reader shut down for when we use other company’s products produced the important enlightenment function, this incident reminds us: if we often use application with payment options, don’t mean your wallet!

personally, I’m very dependent on a profile called Workflowy record application, so I hesitate to pay the fee of $5 each month. If even I such Workflowy heavy users are not willing to pay for it, other users and how is it possible to follow?

besides Workflowy, I pay also for the financial software something of cloud, and as my Google mail to buy additional storage space. In fact, if I am a loyal users the company, I’m also willing to pay for it.

here, I encourage everyone to like me within the scope of the ability to pay to use the application. Because, although the free online application is good, but nothing will always be free. So, if you like a service, do not save your wallet.

source: tencent technology