Google reader is turned off, we have other alternatives?

Google reader has been officially announced the death. Google the official announcement, and will be 7 on 1 day off what we like, the earth the best RSS service Google reader R.I.P Google reader , we will miss you!

anger, disappointment, unwilling, but Google reader or far away from us. It’s time to consider the alternatives. We will introduce more product selection, and teaches you how to export the Google reader data. I hope they can provide don’t weak in reader .

step 1: choose a substitute product

option 1: and Google reader

if you often in multiple places, a variety of devices to read RSS feeds , that you may need a web page to the RSS reader, just like today Google reader . is such a product, the interface style and Google reader the closest, a bit like a luxuriant version of the iGoogle , it is also by far the most popular web version RSS reader.

is also a good option, the interface with the Google reader also alike, or rather than reader more beautiful. As long as you register and subscribe to RSS , the access to this web site can read anytime and anywhere. In addition it has ios and android version of mobile client.

are also popular, but it and Google reader have bigger difference. The interface is not a traditional RSS reader style, but a bit like a newspaper, but shows the effect is very magnificent. You need to download Firefox or chrome the extension to using it, it also has the Ios and android phone application. In addition today just said it would provide a solution as soon as possible, for the sad Google reader users switch to their home…

options 2 : desktop news reader

in addition to the cloud web version RSS , we can also select the desktop news reader, with desktop email about reader. But now the desktop RSS reader with Google reader server synchronization. But reader in the 7 on 1 no, these desktop applications have the time to improve their products.

Windows version. Mac user , can choose a very gorgeous products.

options 3 : a series of mobile applications

if you are mainly in the mobile phone, rather than on the browser to read the news, that you may only need a mobile phone application. Android and ios version news application recommendations are as follows:

the : the user can select

we’ve slightly mentioned above.

The reader of the quadrature in the compasses in

a bit like a newspaper to read interface

another newspaper type reading interface

Android : the user can select

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