Google Play “transformed”, bigger and more beautiful, more clearly

Google today at low profile updated web page version of Google Play’s new interface design. A new version of Google are very similar to the style of Play and its Android App.

in the new version of Google Play, every application screenshots size greater than before, the user can intuitively clearly know the detailed information of to an application. In addition, a new version of Google Play page removed labels list, only for users to present a variety of applications.

left-hand navigation TAB can help users quickly locate individual required range of “commodity”, of course, the user can also see your installed applications. In addition to a variety of applications, the new Google Play in which also allows users to search the movie, TV shows, books, magazines, equipment and so on.

however, also be challenged on the style of the new version of Google Play. Flat, color is gorgeous, they say, icon design let Google Play into a “plain”. It ‘s not Google Play, It’ s Google Plain!