Google Play app downloads beyond apple but much less revenue than Appstore

sometime last fall, Android after more than three years of running after Google Android app store Play the application number finally caught up with apple Appstore . But the world’s largest two mobile app store is still not very balance: 2013 in the first quarter, Play store application download number beyond Appstore . But apple Appstore revenue is far ahead of the application of

statistics report from Canalys

the global scope, apple Appstore in the top four mobile application stores, monopoly industry profits 74% . Downloads area Play store ahead, with total share 51% , Appstore not far behind.

in the field of walk quantity, Google Play store. But only walk quantity advantage to expand into very exaggerated degree, can make up for it and apple Appstore the gap in terms of revenue. Play store or free.

quantity to catch up with the apple is just the first step, Android want to really become dominant in the field of mobile must be the next step in the field of revenue beyond the apple. Income revenue relationship, after all, developers, developers to decide the future of the platform. Although apple shipments of the hardware and the application downloads are lagging behind the Android , but as long as it still can bring the biggest benefit to developers, developers will still be first choice for IOS application system development.

Google Eric schmidt said, Google to allow developers to Android as the first platform. Want to do this, it is necessary to help developers get more revenue from the beginning.