Google Play a make-over design style change

Google Play is Google in android on the official app store. Although there are many well-designed Google official application, but Play not all the time. But this kind of situation has changed, on Wednesday, Google began to push the New Play , the overall design style change, the display card form undoubtedly relaxed a lot than before.

in addition, the new design and lively tonal to replace the original dark tonal. Screen similar content together. Purchase link also greatly simplifies the application to allow users to more easily purchase application.

Google Play 3 month online, instead of the original “ Android Market “. Renamed, because Google hopes the New Play become a broader platform, let users noticed that there not only provides application, also provides book audio and other resources. Play the content of the vision is to become a huge platform.

since Wednesday, all currently installed a play android 2.2 version of the mobile phone will get push updates. Due to legal channels neutered all Google phone service, so there is no Play because xiao yun recommend download in third party store a Google Play installation. After the update, and download software with Play , after all, the official store security is higher.