Google or Google Talk will close chat tool

recently circulated Google is in talks to buy a mobile application Whatsapp , Whatsapp price is as high as 10 $. Google is integrating its scattered messy otherwise IM service, ready to set them to a call the Babel application.

no matter which of the two talk is true (the former possibility is small, the latter is more likely), Google talk as a separate service, will be dying.

2003 , Google talk in Windows platform, and be loved by farina chat application, especially no matter on what equipment to use it, chat can be real-time synchronization to Gmail (this function under the chat record label QQ that so far only to charge for members to use, and less function), and Gmail is integrated within the Google talk .

but Google Google talk value has been not enough, Google talk has been as plain text chat tool, until the 2008 years Google just give it add voice and video chat plug-in. From then on, in addition to launch android version Google talk application , Google talk no major update.

2009 , 3 on 11 day, Google also launched and Google talk function overlap VOIP Google Voice . User can bind the phone number, call (and through the network Skype part).

2011 , 6 on and day, with Google social ambitions + online, less than two years, it will grow up to be second only to Facebook , and Twitter as the major social networks. + , the integration of the online version of the Google talk , and introduced to belong to + video IM Hangout .

2012 , 4 on 20 day, perhaps because of + integrates Google talk , Google announced in the round of cleaning out the Google talk web application.

comprehensive facts described above, we can see Google IM tools how chaos:

favor text chat Google talk , at the same time it also the function of voice and video. At the same time into the Gmail and +

voice VOIP Google Voice , only available in some countries. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull