Google or chat with one-stop service for Babel, support for apple’s iOS

according to foreign media reports, Google could launch a unified chat service, a new service called “Babel”, “Babble” rather than previously reported.

it is understood that the Babel will provide users with a seamless chat experience, it not only supports Android and Chrome OS, apple’s iOS platform and support. Of course, the Babel will also be incorporated into Google + and Gmail. In the future, Google is likely to Google Voice service integration to Babel.

at present, inside Google is testing across five Babel service platform.

the Babel users anytime, anywhere access to the same session list, not restricted by the location and equipment. Babel will adopt a new user interface, and pay attention to the function of the session, and support the group session. Babel user can send photos and other documents. Babel can also cross platform release information notice.

in fact, the industry has long been rumors that Google is developing an unified chat services. Google’s existing communication platform including Google Talk, Hangout, Voice, Google + Messenger, Chat for Drive and Google + Chat client, but they can’t sync with each other. Cross-platform services can help Google, called iMessage — and BBM service competition, also can increase an important feature for Android.

the Babel is expected to become a fully functional chat client, it will set dacheng Google existing communication service. At present, users need to via Google + Messenger to share photos, and if you need to video chat, users have to use Hangout. Chat Babel will provide users with a one-stop service. (Edward)

translation: sohu it