Google official video, suspected exposure to a new generation of Nexus

earlier today, and will be named KitKat (nestle chocolate bar). In addition, Google also posted a video that shows to the public in the Google headquarters of huge Android KitKat statue. However, in the video, a Google employee in the hands of a device to cause the attention of numerous media and speculation.

as the major science and technology media Revelations: the people in the hands of the equipment, probably is a new generation of Nexus.

, the foreign technology blog reported in 38 seconds of video, a Google employee appeared with a Nexus of unknown device.

look from the photos, the device in the back are very similar and the Nexus 7 of the back cover, And the device camera seems than Nexus 4 again. It is reported, Google’s senior vice President of Vic Gundotra, Google + developer) have suggested: the Android camera department will have great progress.

Nexus 4

Nexus 7

in addition, the size of the unknown Nexus device is relatively larger, estimate the Nexus products will have a larger screen.

after the media rumors of a new generation of Nexus will be released in the fourth quarter of this year.