Google is expected to pay a $7 million settlement to cars to collect wifi privacy case


cloud network hunting on March 11,

remember Google inadvertently collected tens of thousands of wi-fi network for street view camera filmed? (event memories: Google disclosed in 2010, its street view cars in the 30 countries inadvertently collected insecure wireless network data. Google said the realized after these data sources, the company has to “separate” them. ) it’s a interesting story, the practice of Google may bring many serious problems in the world. We reported last year, Google due to obstruction of the FCC (federal communications commission) to investigate a fine of $25000, since then, the FCC in 12 years on April 15, issued a revised report. After the FCC to report, European regulators believe that they are Google lied in the United States for investigation.

everything is still in continue, a group of state attorney on Google for their investigation. On Friday, according to news on condition of anonymity, Google will pay $7 million to a total of 30 states in order to solve the matter. Connecticut attorney general George Jepsen when interviewed by the Wall Street journal said “we only can say now is for Google street view in the survey are actively.” In 2010, is launched by Connecticut to the search giant Google’s charge.

at the same time the news of the anonymous source said that formal reconciliation of the public will be announced in this week.