Google introduced the Chrome Book at $9, let everyone can afford!

yesterday, Google released the Chrome made by HP Book 11. It is understood that the 11 inches, plastic material of laptops, weight is 1 kg, costs a mere $279. Google official said that the purpose is to let every consumer can afford this.

xiao yun with three words can be summarized the characteristics of this 11: light, beautiful, cheap.

light weight

Chrome Book 11 case of plastic material, but the processed material while maintaining the light (1 kg), also has the stable robustness.

beautiful appearance, simple

it is understood that the Chrome Book only black and white two colors of choice. In spite of this, no improving color of Google has black, white dichromatic with Chrome four color (red, green, yellow, blue). Not only that, the Chrome Book 11 will also be a speaker (is placed under the keyboard) and necessary assembly nut are hidden, which fully embodies the Google pursues the spirit of minimalism. Another embodiment of the idea is, Chrome Book 11 related interfaces appear only on the device on the left side of the edge.

cheap – “let all consumers can afford Chrome Book 11”

since launch, Chrome, the Book has been is famous for its low prices (of course the Chrome Pixel except). It is understood that the Chrome Book has accounted for under $300 laptop market share of 25%. Among them, there are samsung made this became the most popular in the amazon store notebook products.

here are the specific configuration of the product:

11 inches, IPS screen (the visual Angle of 176 degrees), the screen resolution of 1366 x 768;

according to Google official said that the device’s screen brightness than the 50% of laptops on the market at present.

, samsung Exynos carrying 5250 dual core processor;

2 gb of RAM, 16 gb of storage space.

, up to 6 hours of continuous use time (via Micro USB interface to charge);

screen frame, built-in VGA camera;

two Micro USB 2.0 interface, and a Slimport video output pin;

support 4 g LTE network.

it is understood that the current Chrome Book already on Google Play, the place such as Best Buy, amazon, HP, sale, the price is $279. In addition, the consumer is buying the product, also can obtain a two-year 100 gb of Google Drive storage space, 60 days of the Google Play Music All Access services, and 12 regional GoGo air free Internet use rights.