Google & quot; Imitation & quot; The Facebook social graph search, let the user be advertising “face”

according to the New York times reported, Google yesterday the terms of service for users to make changes. New user terms allow Google to use similar to Facebook’s social graph search function – to the user as “face” of a product, use “acquaintances effect” to improve the credibility of product sales and advertising.

the following is a Google official user terms of service update:

“we would like to for you (and your friends and contacts) to provide the most useful information, and recommend would go a long way from acquaintances. So, we will be to your friends, family and other personal data of the users to display your name, photo and related content (such as you share the comments or your AD + 1), and, of course, only when you perform related operations (such as + 1, comment or concern) will only display the relevant dynamic, and only you specify Shared object can see the content. On Google, you can complete control over their Shared content. This terms of service update will not affect your past share set, after the Shared object is determined by your own.”

specifically, main is to use Google Google + users in the social network information (name of personal data and photos), to improve the effectiveness of advertising. Using Google Play’s users often below the application or product, see friends from acquaintances or Google + evaluation and grading. And the new terms of the Google is the “promotion” acquaintances wide scheme and cloth, whether the user is in Google maps or Google Search, you can see the above information.

however, Google official said that the operation of the users under the age of 18 years will not display in advertising and other specific environment share recommendations. In addition, all the people also can be set through the “off”, and to determine whether the personal information displayed in the relevant ads, but the use of Google Play is not affected by the “off” setting).

, the above functions will be released on December 11, .