Google glasses were famous hacker “prison break”

Beijing time on April 27, according to foreign media reports, Forbes said, famous hacker Saurik can claim to the root of Google glasses, it may break the Google for the strict control of the device.

famous hacker Saurik

name of Glass (Glass) words, destined to be “broken”. Released at the Google glasses give developers a few days later, the device will be cracked, users can complete control of the Android operating system.

Jay famous Android and iOS developers Freeman (Jay Freeman) known vulnerabilities in the test the Android Google glasses, and success on Twitter announced on Friday afternoon. Notices that the “Root” or “prison break” technology, can remove Google may set any limits in the glasses, although it is unclear what the consumer version equipment what are the specific limits.

, mann (namely the hacker “Saurik”, and made use of jailbreak iOS device application store Cydia) said in a telephone interview, he found that the Google glasses yesterday are running Android 4.0.4 system, he immediately started testing before known vulnerabilities. For several hours, he found, can use the hacker B1nary published last year a loophole completely in control of Google glasses operating system.

freeman said: “it took me two hours, when I was having dinner with friends. B1nary is performed on the normal Android tablets and mobile phones, I learned to its working principle, and then did the same thing, in the Google glasses is fairly simple.”

by a developer plans to get Google glasses freeman says, he is not sure to get the root power of Google glasses what to do. But he speculates that, after escaping the Google glasses can be in the machine or mobile phone via bluetooth connection to store data, rather than automatically uploaded to Google server, this may be welcomed by a user with a sense of privacy.

Root after Google glasses and a possible function (not freeman guess), prevent Google remote’s ability to make equipment “brick”, namely if the user violates Google’s terms of use can make equipment permanently lose effect. Recently, in a user on eBay auction his early attempt to test the product, Google shows this ability.

freeman says he breached Google glasses using the equipment of a flaw in the debug mode and backup function, which makes the equipment that is as the simulator run in the developer on the computer. His description is as follows:


you have a backup device, and then modify the backup, and then modified to restore a backup device. Although backup recovery, but are you change to redirect data to data, to rewrite the key configuration files. Which makes the equipment that is not running on real hardware, but running on Android developer in the desktop/notebook computer test software simulator. Because of the simulator is designed for developers, so Google glasses is completely control, you have the right to “root”.

, the man is not the only cracked Google glasses system hackers. According to the blog 9 to5google, another developer Liam McLaughlin (Liam McLoughlin) the day before and get the Root of Google glasses. It is unclear what freeman and liam use of loopholes, will appear on the consumer version of Google glasses. Freeman said he talked to a Google employee, the employee equipment can use the debug mode of freeman was surprised, and said he thought the latest version removed this feature.

unlike apple, Google to solve its mobile devices that have been taken and friendly attitude, and even allow users to use the method of recognition and OEM root device. In response, Google was not immediately available for comment. But one thing is clear: if Google does intend to strictly control the Google glasses, so hackers have a step on the crack.

translation: tencent technology