Google glasses have not large, Google has advertising tools ready for it

advertising industry is always spend money like water. Although advertisers deal or no deal, but effect is often poor. Someone really pay attention to advertising? Recently, the “advertising’s got talent” Google’s a patent, can to a certain extent, make advertising value.

according to foreign media science and technology The Verge, Google has just allowed to have a program called “pay – per – gaze advertising” (ads) in accordance with The views of The patent. Specifically, Google will pass a similar to the Google glasses eye movement sensors, record the time it takes for people to look at advertising. In addition, it also can monitor people watching ads, pupil dilation, measuring the viewer’s emotional change.

it is understood that Google back in May 2011, and then applied for the patent:

Pay per gaze advertising can be widely applied in the whole advertising, online advertising is not limited to. Traditional media advertising, such as magazines, newspapers and other print media, the above techniques can be used. This kind of visual tracking system, can help advertisers scientific grasp of advertising effect, and carry on quantitative analysis of visually.

however, given that has been considered by some people as “dictator” violation of user privacy, Google said that the user can choose whether to participate in the plan, and ensure that the user data collection, will appear in the process of data analysis in anonymous form.

it is reported that the patent of Google also includes a called “latent pre – searching” (hidden front search) entry. Google explained that by this technology, users’ search result will appear directly on the Google glasses (or other wearable devices). Not only that, the corresponding data will be stored, and as a reference when advertisers advertising information.

with the popularity of Google glasses wearable equipment such as, increasing specialization and advertising data analysis, this kind of visual tracking system based on sensor technology, future will be more widely used in advertising industry.