Google glasses foreign media evaluation summary: lack of more practical

on April 19, highly anticipated Google Glass now finally came to the hands of foreign editor, after a period of time after the experience, TechCrunch and Numerate Bardon Allgood write down their feeling, we together to have a look, they are how to evaluate Google Glass.

Wear and set-up

TechCrunch said, when unpacking the case, the first step you want to do, is to use the Google Glass projection lens embedded frames in the right eye, it’s a fine living, imprudently words are easy to make a mess of the projection screen and Glass nose. After the assembled equipment, you need to install on your phone’s recently published MyGlass Glass exclusive application, and login MyGlass must use Gmail account, with the aid of bluetooth communication, mobile phones can be paired with Glass. Again next, you need to open mobile phone WiFi or cellular data network, complete these, entered a use of Glass. Here are MyGlass fast tool “screencast” true screenshots.



operating Google Glass

Google Glass integration has a microphone, headphones, eyes arm design with touch panel, at the top and a photo and video shortcuts. The different function of these parts. Microphone acceptable voice commands, and are mainly used for calls, touch pad used to screen operation, taking pictures and video function key role, and its name.


two media said, call Google Glass main function before, you have to say “OK” Glass “, its role is equivalent to start the voice commands. Many people want to know, what can do Google Glass, of course, in the device to receive your “OK” Glass, you can take pictures, video, to Google voice search, maps and navigation information and send information, can also make a phone call. Google Glass most operations are done through “speak”, due to the important role of Google voice assistant Now, suggestion, TechCrunch editor before you start using Settings first Google Now – the best way to operate the touchpad can glance and pages of different screen menu, once selected to appear on the screen of the Google Now “CARDS”, will pop up related Settings interface.

Google Glass use feeling

Bardon Allgood said Google Glass is very light, after wearing all day long, not upset because of the glasses. TechCrunch editor warned, however, began to use Google Glass, over a period of time to adapt to the screen. Because the focus on the screen with moves to the right and turn eyeball, this movement is not natural for a normal person, so early produces discomfort. People mention Google an interior, he spent a week to learn to “watch” screen appropriately, and after that, he can very quickly and accurately “glimpse” are looking for specific content on the screen. TechCrunch editor shows a trick here, if you enough “vision”, you can use the application screen video function, to be familiar with and understand the contents of the segments of each screen and operational changes.

in addition to adapt to the screen on the right side of the lens, Bardon said Allgood, wear head thrown back when Google Glass, the screen can light up automatically, then you will be able to see the time, email and other information, so, don’t need to frequently check watches, mobile phones and computers, you can get information anytime and anywhere.

photography and the photography, Bardon Allgood commented that Google Glass at the time of day and the light is enough, the image quality is good, but at night and the light is bad, is another matter.


Bardon Allgood praised Google Glass microphone performance, and the use of bone conduction voice headset is also very good, even in a noisy environment, Google voice is also very clear glasses.

in addition, Bardon Allgood mentioned, in the Google voice to edit information on Glass and Email feedback effect is good, very fast, he speculated that should be used Google standard “researched – to – text” service.

the negative information about the Google Glass are mainly concentrated in, it may not be welcomed in some occasions. But Bardon Allgood, confirmed that he wear the Google Glass in silicon valley during the day, most colleagues saw glasses have been excited, although someone still feel unhappy, but the overall reaction is positive, the existence of a lot of people don’t mind it. Of course, that’s from industry personnel’s silicon valley in the land science and technology industry, other local response may not be the same.

Google Glass less than

TechCrunch said to Google Glass deficiencies to key: expect Google Glass replace mobile phone is impossible, it can make voice calls, but the premise is must establish the paired with mobile phone, and talk on the phone mobile phone have to keep open the cellular network, or in a state of normal connected wi-fi. Other, Google Glass is not very good display device, use it to watch the video effect is much less than the computer, search is also short, according to its small screen condemned utility co., LTD.


Bardon Allgood mentioned another important deficiencies, Google Glass most open to use voice commands, as the main function of some functions, such as voice edit information (researched – to – text), limited by current technical conditions, voice recognition accuracy is not enough, which lower the Google Glass experience.

just like most of the mobile intelligent device, Google Glass has a built-in battery, although its range is not poor, under the use of a certain intensity, the battery can stick to the whole day, but frequent charging will allow the user to disturb.

The value of the

Google Glass

as a device in the Google benchmarking, where the value of the Google Glass, TechCrunch’s comment was serious; As a “toy” science and technology, it was cool, but the practical value is also very limited. Make a phone call and take photos, video and sound editing language information, these can be listed function doesn’t edge, but reach the threshold of the large scale application execution effect, its price of $1500 is no market competitiveness. Google Glass can get the function of hand, as a comprehensive information display platform, but smart watches and its functional overlap, so Google Glass was a good idea, worth the development, but is only worth to continue development.