Google Glass rivals, Vuzix intends to soon sell smart glasses, sold for less than $500

Beijing time on March 8, according to foreign media reports, intelligent glasses startup Vuzix says it will soon to developers sell the prototype of intelligent glasses called M100 approximately. Vuzix hope that developers can develop a more applications for M100 approximately, expand the M100 approximately purposes, so as to promote the sales of M100 approximately.

M100 approximately released this summer when the price will be less than $500. The intelligence of Google glasses products Google Glass price is about $1500.

M100 approximately run Android operating system, via bluetooth or WiFi connection with Android or iOS smartphone. According to, “hundreds of developers registered the” Vuzix the developer of the project.

M100 approximately configuration with integrated processors and close eye micro display, looks like a thickening version of Google Glass. Vuzix will M100 approximately described as “do not need to use manual accessories”, user can answer the phone, video recording and running applications, including basic augmented reality application. Vuzix configuration also have head tracking system and GPS (global positioning system (GPS), to take photographs.

Vuzix was founded in 1997, specializing in the production of wear on the eyes of video products. Vuzix released in this year’s international consumer electronics show M100 approximately, M100 approximately may be defined as Google Glass rivals.

both startup and tech giants are wearable computing equipment market recently. Microsoft’s development can be connected to the Xbox video glasses; Samsung in the development of brain-computer interfaces, but it will take many years to go on sale.

there are wearable computing device known as the father of scientist Steve Mann (Steve Mann) has said that the current smartphone war will be replaced by “glasses”. He told the media in an interview, “apple, Google and research in motion (RIM) will launch intelligent glasses products.”

a market research company Forrester also had said, in the global “war” wearable computing device, apple, Google, Microsoft and Facebook will compete for control software platform.

market Research firm ABI Research published in February, according to the report predicts that by 2018, global wearable computing equipment market will grow to 485 million units. At present, the sports and motion tracking devices accounted for 61% of the wearable computing equipment market, the next few years the situation will change, wearable computing devices will have more mainstream use.

source: tencent technology