Google founders sergey brin and his wife separated for months The news that had an affair with employees

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All ThingsD foreign science and technology media reported, Google co-founder sergey brin has and his wife, Anne? Wojcicki (Anne Wojcicki brought up) living apart. Their spokesman, said the separation of life has been going on for a few months, but they are still a pair of good parents, good friends.

it is understood that the 40-year-old brin and wojcicki is together six years ago. The billionaire (Boolean) held a grand wedding in the Bahamas. Brin, the 83 – year – old grandmother, also sent blessing for two people. At that time, the media called the wedding ceremony “fusion of traditional and fashion”. After marriage, alpine wojcicki for cloth off the two children.

although there is no formal divorce, but most of the media that the couple break up is sooner or later. For a long time, the media brin is a son of the interest hobby is widespread, romantic sensibility. Sources said that the recent brin of an employee having an affair with Google. At the same time, the Google employee, and another of her colleagues, there are also some kind of special relationship.

there are foreign media reports, the female employees called Helen, first with the responsible for Android product management vice President Hugo barak (Hugo Barra) in a relationship, then both break up. Later, Helen come brin marriage. The latest news,.

as a result, the affair becomes more complicated.

on the surface, it is a modest celebrity gossip, but it also hidden behind some commercial effects. Here are some points in this report:

1. According to information released by the Forbes, brin is most one of the founders of Google, is now worth more than $22.8 billion. In addition, his hand still has $21 billion of Google stock. And, most of these stocks, still be a class B shares, has voted to table XieQuan.

2. However, according to sources, James worthy and brin before before marriage agreement: if the future both sides divorce, so will not be any material impact of Google company.

3. Brin and wojcicki, have business connections. Mr Brin, Google, Google ventures (Google Venture) was founded to wojcicki, 23 andme company, investment of 100 million dollars. The individual gene company, main DNA testing tool sales, and help users track health condition, etc.

4. Philanthropy:

in addition, according to a report in the chronicle of philanthropy, Brin couples in 2012, founded to their respective Brin – Wojcicki Foundation (Brin Wojcicki brought up Foundation) donated 190.1 million dollars. Last year, two people with $223 million in total amount of charitable giving, become the fifth largest amount of charitable giving. It is reported, brin couple of foundation, to the wikimedia foundation, ashoka foundation (help) for people in the social enterprise, Point Community (Tipping Point Community, to provide relief to the difficulty of San Francisco bend), Institute of Parkinson’s disease (Parkinson ‘s Institute) and other public welfare organizations to provide assistance.

brin couple also with Russian famous investors, billionaire Yuri Milner (Yuri Milner, Facebook’s early major shareholders), mark zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan (Priscilla Chan and zuckerberg’s wife), Art Levinson (Art Levinson, apple director), such as led jointly established a called “Breakthrough invention Foundation” (Breakthrough Prize Foundation). The group, every year to make significant achievements of life science at awarded a $15 million prize.

brin couple, said a spokesman for no matter what happens, the two will continue our cooperation in the above aspects.

5. Anne Wojcicki’s sister, Susan Wojcicki, 45, the (Susan Wojcicki brought up), currently in Google company as Google ads, senior vice President, responsible for product and project management, and report directly to larry page. As Mr Brin recruit the first employees, Susan is undoubtedly one of the doyen of Google. In Forbes magazine’s list of the 2012 annual ranking authority of hundreds of women worldwide, Susan ranked 25th. It is reported, Google is the most key of forming period, is spent in Susan’s in the garage.