Google found out its Chrome started using based on its division to Blink engines

Chromium blog articles, said Chrome browser will abandon the its , and adopt a based on its Blink .

its a layout engine, the main design is used to make web browser rendering web pages. its now as Apple Safari and Google Chrome browser’s main engine. According to the survey of the StatCounter browser market share, in the 2012 , its the city accounted for more than the 40% , it has become a layout engine has the largest market share.

its with good, originally by apple Safari , Chrome and, more recently, Opera use, why this time Chrome why do you want to make this division its choice?

sources pointed out:


its although nominally Apple project, in fact, the amount of code Google is Apple more than twice. So if Google people leave its , its update will have to rely on Apple to invest more human. Can’t let him forever (Apple) secure.

visible Google leave its from its internal interests and contribution of disequilibrium, Google and its continued blood support its .

its the greatest support is Google, Google “found out”, after to its future was overshadowed.