Google fiber-optic television for the first time in 3 d channel, the user can enjoy extra pay $5 a month

although there has been for 3 d TV look good, but consumers have said coldly, samsung admitted in the past year they finished the expected sales of only 30%, but Google plans to roll out optical fiber. Net and ESPN 3 d.

users can now subscribe, existing customers can find 3 net in 338 channels, at the same time, the user can through Google to subscribe to ESPN 3 d. The two 3 d channel difference is very simple, three net to all Google “Gigabit TV programme” subscribers are free, and ESPN 3 d need subscribers pay an extra $5 per month (including taxes), “Gigabit TV program costs $120 a month.

on Thursday, Google announced that Kansas City fiber users can enjoy ESPN3D and service, only need to pay additional $5 per month. These services include many contents, natural history, documentary, action adventure, education and family, food, concerts, movies, etc. Use of the service also need to have a 3 d TV set and a 3 d glasses, but this in your living room looks a bit silly.

we reported last year, Google optical fiber has been in Kansas City, popularization, obviously, many of the Ars readers want fiber can sense to their house. Now service only in Kansas City, of course, the City, but this year as the optical fiber across Missouri near the border, users have more programs can be watched.