Google fiber exactly cattle in where?

Beijing time on April 12, according to foreign media reports, the Internet search giant Google company this week issued a formal statement: Google fiber will be deployed in Austin, Texas. The city’s public after installation can enjoy 1 g bit/SEC of Internet access, at least 100 times faster than current speed.

to fall, Google deployed their own for the first time in Kansas city, fiber optic service, users monthly need to pay $70 for 1 g access services. If you choose to pay $120 a month, can also enjoy the Google TV service. It is understood that the user is still need to pay $300 for Google fiber installation fees to use, but Google will according to the current speed (5 MBPS) to the user seven years of free Internet access.

in the future, although Google the service fee of the fiber is likely to rise, but for now, Google hopes to Austin, the prices are almost consistent with Kansas.

if the next Google deployment of optical fiber in your city, you should try this super-fast bandwidth is what feeling.

here are five reasons:

1. The buffer is no longer necessary. all of the world’s most users on the Internet all the time need to spend some time to buffer, which put people bind. Remember how much time you spend every day watching YouTube for buffer? Every time I see a wonderful time, screen screen may be stuck, you have to wait for, do some other things, to continue to watch after until the buffer to a certain degree. The Internet is too painful experience.

analysts method, Slate website – Joan (Farhad Manjoo), described Google fiber enough speed to let users play five YouTube hd video at the same time, and there will not be a need to buffer. Although most users can’t watch the five video at the same time, but the implication, Joan refers to: Google fiber will allow the user to fundamentally from the buffer.

however, far more than the benefits of a service to watch YouTube video. Only need simple calculation, you can find, Google fiber only takes a few seconds of time can complete the whole high-definition movie downloads.

2. The price is reasonable. users are hard to refuse to free stuff. So to speak, if you request is not high, satisfied with your current Internet connection, so after the installation fees paid $300 Google fiber, Google will give to you at least 7 years of free Internet access services, the speed of 5 MBPS.

now, suppose you need to pay $60 a month, the width of the current service that is $720 a year, or need to pay more than $5000 in seven years of service charge. If you choose Google fiber, you can save more than $4700 in expenses immediately. Believe this who knows how to calculate.

don’t need to say more, this kind of service will be very attractive for low-income people. If more people access to broadband, so Google this service can be said to be the first, because it solves the long-term existence of the so-called “digital gap between the rich and the poor” problem.

3. Help to competition. when Google first announced fiber, many analysts believe the company is likely to make now Internet providers to shame. Because they have to improve their service quality, to keep up with the service at Google’s network. However, Google insists that Google fiber is one of the important business of the company, not just a concept. Now, every competitor are keeping a close eye on Google’s next move.

in fact, Google announced in Austin after launching its own fiber optic service, communications giant AT& T to say they will be launched in Austin 1 g broadband service. It is obvious that AT& T before this can be in Google announced the plan, but it happened after Google fiber release foreign officially, this let a person feel AT& T is likely to be forced to do it. No matter how much the service competition, one thing is certain, which ultimately benefit is consumer.

4. Google fiber can be used in the medical career. Google fiber in Kansas city for the first time after deployment, the company said hope can cooperate with the university of Kansas medical center, common research and development in the future can use 1 g bandwidth of medical equipment. Imagine that you in the future through the high-speed Internet service will communicate with the doctor is what kind of situation.

last year, in the collective discussion, a children’s medical institutions officials said, hope the children at home in the future you can contact with the doctor, saving to go to the hospital to this period of time. In fact, this kind of service for the elderly is particularly good, because they often action inconvenience, such as got Parkinson’s disease patients.

in addition, other possible USES include: medical help doctors sharing files, such as high-resolution retinal photographs, a person with diabetes each year at a medical eye scans. In addition, the images of the heart and blood vessels can also be convenient transport is obtained by high-speed network.

5. Help to education career. , according to the federal communications commission’s students equipped with broadband in the home, its grades tend to be higher than 7%. Perhaps, this was not necessarily associated. However, Google fiber can indeed help low-income families more appropriate access to the Internet. Research shows that, the home that there is broadband children may be more willing to learn, rather than spend a lot of time watching TV, the corresponding grades will improve a lot.

at the same time, high schools and colleges in remote education and network education. Through high-speed networks, teachers or instructors can take course in real time to spread to all parts of the country. In addition, students can also be better with others, to complete the course experiment. With the emergence of 3 d video broadcast, through projection equipment, the students in the classroom can be observed that the earth moves around the sun simulation scenario, that would be a very realistic teaching experience.

in fact, people are still not fully understand that Google introduced what is the fundamental goal of 1 g Internet service. Fifteen years ago, most people still in dial-up Internet access, many Internet services we now used to look is so out of reach. For example, at that time, few people use Skype this video call service.

now, every day there are millions of users to use Skype to call on the net, and through the Netflix Internet video broadcasting service to watch movies and TV shows.

in the future, engineers, and developers can take advantage of Google fiber do something? For now it is hard to say, because now only a few people in the use of this service. However, Google is ground for the future of the Internet, the emergence of new network products is only a matter of time.

in the official statement, Google in fiber optic sales department general manager Kevin luo (Kevin Lo) said, “a gig will become a trend in the future. At Google, we always focus on the future. When using the users of our service is more and more long, our influence will be greater and greater.”

translation: tencent technology