Google fiber began to expand olathe blessed is the people!

Eric schmidt said recently: Google fiber will not be limited to the Kansas city . The big ye shi said to expand, and Google fiber began to expand. The first step in the plan is to expand the olathe city near Kansas city. Olathe, a total of 12 all 5 thousands of residents. The news was released yesterday night, olathe municipal government web sites have cheerfully warm welcome Google fiber settle!

Google fiber ( Google fiber) is fiber Internet services provided by Google, first appeared in Kansas city. Just a month 70 1 GBPS ultra-high-speed networks (download speed about a second 120 m , it said per minute to download the film), simply add 50 $, that is to say 120 $can enjoy optical fiber TV service. Reporting for Google fiber received a free the Nexus 7 tablet – used as a controller.

in addition, Google also provides the Kansas city a covering the whole city of free Internet access, network speed is , anyone can access.

the famous network TV Netflix (publishers) hit drama “house of CARDS” was named best Internet provider, Google ranked first optical fiber.

Google had produced a video image display Google of traditional optical fiber and optical fiber velocity difference is how much, appreciate, please:

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