Google executives talk about search four big challenge: knowledge map, speech recognition and natural language understanding, understanding the session

Beijing time on March 11, in the field of Internet search, Google account statistics, it is also one of the most important technology companies. But Google has its own challenges.

Google search and Google Fellow, senior vice President, Amy? Singh (Amit Singhal) when it comes to attend SXSW summit in Google’s biggest challenge. Manmohan singh, a total of cases out of the four major technical challenge that knowledge map (knowledge graph), speech recognition, natural language understanding, understanding the session. Singh thought in the field of the four major technical problems, although Google improved, but there is still no solution.

knowledge map is to understand the world as “you and me”, in other words, to understand the connections between things, ideas, know their influence on each other, this is the foundation of Google’s core search function. language Tone recognition is to human speech into text, which is the key to a voice search. Natural language is to understand the subtle difference, it can change the phonetic transcription session into meaningful information. The session is directly associated with natural language.

singh thinks the development of the search is faster than their expected, he said: “when I entered the search as a graduate, want to find out” apple “is a company is also a kind of fruit is very difficult.” Today, as long as you enter the church address, a Google search will know you are looking for the map.

12 years ago, Mr Singh to join Google, he spoke of “star trek” film depicted in search technology vision. Computer any questions will be asked in the movie, captain, computer gives the answer.