Google engineer fun woman: science and technology industry serious gender discrimination.

Beijing time on March 26, according to foreign media reports, Google female software engineers Julie palmer cano (Julie Pagano) recently said in a blog post, in the technology industry experience their own look, women working in the technology industry is engaged in technology development can be said to be “suffering and struggling.

before joining Google, he added, was working in other technology company. She says her during the period of university, and have the feeling after a job.

Mr Cano wrote in the blog: “sometimes I became a software engineer, means that a suffering and struggling, because you can’t stop this happening. Even small things will slowly and build up to more difficult to solve, sometimes feel really is in suffering.” From palmer says, oneself have this feeling, and this kind of suffering feelings together, learn from university to work.

Mr Cano, said during the period of university, she is one of only a few girls in the class. In university classroom teaching, the teacher will talk about “nerd girls”, these comments will make her “goose bumps”. Are is big during learning, cano realized that as a girl in science and engineering, or become very strong, otherwise can only be unknown. Have a job, after Mr Cano still must choose between become strong and obscurity.

Mr Cano also said that no matter what her to attend the assembly technology, there is always someone to talk about at the meeting women doesn’t understand technology. Mr Cano wrote: “these already have to make fun of the meaning of speech, and can get the identity of the participants, the reason is that the vast majority of the participants are male. For the minority, such as those of us who are not men, the implied meaning is don’t listen to us, or we don’t belong to the community. They tried to drink, let we don’t have a sense of security. Each meeting is torture for us.”

Mr Cano also said that in their normal work, is almost men told her should do this or do that, and don’t agree with her any technology development ideas. Mr Cano wrote: “every time I try to do better, someone will preach to me. If every time someone to say women are not suitable for technical, I can get a dollar, so I should be rich man now.”

source: tencent technology