Google, donated 17000 Nexus 7

New york announced today that Google will show “sandy” hurricane people to donate a total of 270 $ 17000 of the Nexus 7 tablets, donated to the community and training programmes and the library. Specific as follows:

library will be the tablet is used for main business skills and language training, because the region is planning to open some electronic reading devices.

small micro enterprise development organization plans to their tablet to work in the business integration and new staff training, at the same time, it will be to help the business plan of local high school.

to provide spiritual food, they will form a department, through the tablet for those who lost loved ones aged widows and widowers or adopt children with video chat and social communication services.

community will use tablet survival skills training young people, so that they can be skilled in society.

a lot of New York politicians and Google executives expressed opinion of this action:

the governor of New york Cuomo said: “the hurricane sandy is that we have ever lived in New York who suffered the most serious natural disasters, but not our citizens lose confidence, especially a company like Google can generously, I feel happy, I believe that the recovery in private donations will help our city, we thank the Google in rebuilding New York things make a great contribution.”

and former New york senator, current Google government relations VP Susan said: “Google to contributory action Cuomo the governor and community organizations are proud, we believe that the progress of science and technology, indeed, can play a huge role in social construction, and this force will be more and more obvious and powerful. At present, more and more people in the use of science and technology and the Internet for their batteries, acquiring more knowledge, our vision is to these donations tablet can provide a platform for them, a tool.”

New york state secretary of

Cesar think: “I was impressed with Google the donation outcome of the negotiations with the governor, they put the emphasis on public projects, particularly in terms of community, at the same time, the New York government has to play a role in the Google donation act proud.”

a year ago today, because sandy land, Google was forced to cancel the original Nexus 4 and 10 conference Nexus.