Google could launch two Nexus equipment 5, the FCC exposure LG a prototype again

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, Google will likely launch two different Nexus 5 devices.

last week, also from the FCC test report, seemed to prove to us that the device is the Nexus of 5 photos. And another of the same as the FCC report LG is considered to be the Nexus again 5 devices. , only the prototype of the back is not in the video “Nexus 5” Logo.

it is understood that the FCC announced the report called “the second license for LG G2 changes” (class 2 permissive change). It seems to mean, the Nexus of 5 will be on the basis of LG G2, and will make some changes. According to the previous examples, can also prove the above conjecture. The Nexus device is often other flagship modified version of the phone. For example, the Nexus S is revised samsung Galaxy S; The Galaxy Nexus is the changed the samsung Galaxy S2. So the , although certainly not Nexus 5 specific parameters and LG G2 are exactly the same, but the LG G2 configuration is worthy of reference.

LG G2 specific configuration for:

5.2 inch screen 1920 x1080 resolution way;

2.26 Ghz qualcomm Xiao dragon 800 processor;

2 gb of RAM;

13000000 megapixel camera.

so far, we have seen from the FCC two suspected as the Nexus of 5 devices. One is after the FCC test report for LG – D820 prototype. The device’s screen size is 4.96 inches (5.19 inches tall, 2.69 inches) wide, 802.11 support dual frequency ac wi-fi, 2300 ma battery capacity, support from AT& T of LTE, Sprint, t-mobile.

another is we said today the code for LG – VS980 (so-called LG G2 for hardware change in the prototype) of the equipment. It is understood that the device screen support from Verizon LTE band 13.

here is the FCC announced yesterday another suspected Nexus 5 photos: