Google chairman: YouTube is replacing the traditional television

Beijing time on May 2, the evening news, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said on Wednesday that the trend of Internet video to replace TV has emerged, which represents the future.

YouTube recently more than 1 billion monthly unique user visits. But schmidt thinks, considering the potential of developing markets, the future of YouTube monthly unique visitors can reach 6 billion to 7 billion.

Google is to redefine the YouTube video platform and the relationship between the TV. A year ago, YouTube seems to want to reinvent the TV. At the time, YouTube for famous media brands and Hollywood stars launched more than 100 channels. However, YouTube wants to be a totally different from TV platform.

Mr Schmidt said: “on YouTube, it is not to replace some of the things we already know, this is a new things we need to consider.” YouTube is now focused on global coverage, the participation of users, and large user base.

YouTube global content director Robert ginther (Robert Kyncl) said: “I used to think YouTube is similar to the TV, but that is not the case. I think is wrong. Television is a one-way, but YouTube can bring feedback.”

YouTube with television is inevitable. A data shows, the American people aged 18 to 34 time watching YouTube than watch cable TV for longer periods of time. Ginther said: “TV means to cover, which means that participation.”


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