Google cemetery: to those who by Google to kill the product offered a flower

Google announced in 2013 , 7 on 1 day closed Google reader after service, made a called Google page of the graveyard, lists over the past few years have been announced Google release, then abandoned products, product total of and section. Google cemetery to even Google glass reserved a tombstone.

to access web pages, the user can virtual flowers in front of the tombstone. The Google reader get the most users.

page above wrote:

“lost a beloved product, especially the service produced by Google, always let a person sad. That is why we opened a door to Google cemetery, this virtual space for us to mark them. On this sacred land buried Google the ill-fated service. There are some, such as Google Reader , although it is a glorious death, respected the glorious life forever the heart. Most are like Google Wave and Google Buzz this product, they are ruthless competition of outstanding technology of struggle for the land of the living is fruitless. But whether these products has facilitated our work, or just polluted our email inbox, both exist in this world.

click on the tombstone left a bunch of flowers, let them rest in peace.”

these past years by the Google give up products include Google Reader , Buzz , Wave , the iGOOGLE this familiar service, it will also include Jaiku , Adsense for Feeds , Picnik destinations5 products, etc.