Google augmented reality game Ingress will login iOS next year

do you know a named Ingrss? If your answer is no, then you are OUT!

this paragraph based on geographical location information from Google official game, going to login IOS platform in 2014.

Ingress – a “augmented reality” based on geographical location information game

Ingress of background is very classic game, blue, green on both sides respectively represent the “resistance” and “party” lead the way. Green army’s task is to attempt to occupy the earth aliens build strongholds, and Chelsea’s mission is to protect human, alien invasion. (xiao yun also play the game, ha ha I will tell you that I was “evil” to lead the way the party? !). . Every one of the players before the game, the need to choose a different camps.

the game based on Google maps data, through the phone’s built-in GPS positioning system, confirm the player position players need to personally hold mobile phone close to the stronghold, invasion (Hack), attack and defense actions. At the beginning of the game, because the player is not much, so the parts number of positions may be less, the player can submit an application to the new stronghold into Ingress. The ultimate goal of the game is more than by connecting with the formation, creating Control Field (Control Field), covering most of the “Mind Units”.

to apply for to invite code, to join the game, select the join camp

after entering the game can see near the stronghold of the arrangement, the user according to the positioning system approach, Hack, attack, Link, etc. Hack the enemy 100 experience every time. Links to a Field (triangle) to 1250 experience. Shut down a Field to the connected Field experience in half. Set up the first Res (Angle) to 625 experience. After every build one for 125 experience, the establishment of eight Angle for a Portal (point).

players can see other players within the scope of different situation, and carry on the conversation

(1-8) with different levels of players can get different levels (1-8) weapons and equipment, such as Angle of

global blue, green, distribution ratio

the basic equipment of the Ingress below:

it is understood that since the Ingress release beta since last November, the player has more than 1 million, and maintained a month hundreds of thousands of new users.

Ingress of product manager in an interview, confirmed the Ingress will be released in 2014, the iOS version of the message, but did not disclose the specific time.