Google and Microsoft dark war: YouTube battle upgrade voice translocation

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dark war between Google and Microsoft for Windows Phone version of YouTube “official” battle and gradually upgrade. On Thursday after Google blocked Microsoft launched a Windows Phone version of the YouTube after only a few hours, Microsoft on voice accused “Google doesn’t want Windows Phone has the same user experience” with Android and apple.

Microsoft vice President and general counsel David Howard (David Howard) fight back in the blog. He wrote: “in our view, Google blocked the reason of this app are fabricated, therefore we are unable to offer users the Android and iPhone users the same experience. Google roadblocks insurmountable, they clearly know that.”

valley song has been developed for Android and iPhone devices official YouTube application, but declined to a Windows Phone version of YouTube. Google said, due to the Windows Phone market share is too small, not worth the effort and resources to develop the official application. It is also a Gmail, Google maps and Google talk official not login Windows Phone application platform. However, Microsoft said Google unfairly using its own applications, especially the popular YouTube provide advantages for Android.

Microsoft is worthy of the PC industry leader, but as Google’s android gradually get advantages in the field of intelligent devices, including PCS, status, Microsoft’s position in the industry has quietly dropped. The dispute of YouTube is just the latest example.

controversial history

this Thursday’s conflict is Microsoft and Google YouTube application continuing controversy in the past few months and a case study. YouTube problem started in about two years ago, when Microsoft has accused Google to stop the “application for Windows Phone users provide full-featured YouTube”. At the time, Microsoft’s Windows Phone version of the YouTube application user guide is actually to a mobile version of the video service website.

course, Microsoft is not satisfied with this. Earlier this year, Microsoft again expressed dissatisfaction, and in May, launched a full-featured version of Windows Phone YouTube application. This app gets the user’s popular, but also some features make Google feel annoyed, for example the YouTube application allows users to download the video, can jump through advertising, and can be restricted video playback.

Google asked Microsoft removed before May 22, the app. Microsoft’s response was on deadline day launched a updated version of the application, cancel the download function, but still not solve the problem of advertising. A few days later, the two companies in a joint statement, said it would develop a can support advertising, in line with the YouTube API terms of service applications.

it seems to the outside world, the statement means that the two companies will cooperate with, but the truth is not the case. Over the past two months, Microsoft and Google has been in dispute for a core problem, that is it. Google forced Microsoft in Windows Phone version of YouTube applications use it, and because Microsoft says Windows Phone platform technology limited, is unlikely.

both sides differences

Windows Phone version of YouTube applications, the differences between Microsoft and Google have focused on the following five aspects:

first, Google asked Microsoft based on HTML 5 to rewrite this app. Microsoft did not specify why Google to do so, but it is pointed out that Google’s own iOS and Android version of YouTube didn’t use it. Microsoft says, this is a purely fabricated, Google’s aim is to make Windows Phone users YouTube experience as iOS and Android users.

second, Google points out, sometimes Windows Phone applications can’t correctly display ads. Content creators can specifically what circumstances what ads, but Windows Phone does not comply with these conditions. Microsoft retort that it has done all he can to respect these rules, but it is limited by the Google own API.

third, Google has accused Microsoft did not comply with the YouTube API terms of service. Microsoft also because it didn’t use it.

4, Google named YouTube reject the application. Although the application specified is not a Google product development, and the old, low quality of some YouTube application of the same name, but as fate would have it, Google for Microsoft so named.

5, Google has accused the application provides the user experience is not good enough. The accused is far-fetched, this version of Windows Phone YouTube the experience of application is stronger than the mobile web site, but also stronger than many Google did not care about the old YouTube application.


Google was a lofty dream startup, it’s like David defeated the giant Microsoft, in almost all fields launched a challenge to Microsoft’s status as a giant, including online search, browser, email and mobile platforms, operating systems, office software. With the passage of time, Google may encroach on Microsoft more market share.

in most areas, especially the online search and mobile platforms, Google has clearly ahead of Microsoft. Only in terms of Office software, Microsoft Office is still widely accepted standard, and Google Docs the threat is still very limited.

, according to Goldman sachs in the entire consumer computing (including smart phones and tablets), Microsoft Windows operating system occupies 20% share of the Google Android market share as high as 42%, apple’s iOS also accounted for 24% of the share.

in the field of browser, market research firm Net Applications, according to data in the year to July, although Microsoft’s Internet explorer is still the most popular browsers, the market share of 56.61%, but Google Chrome most large, increase market share from 17.17% to 17.76%, 0.59%, ranked third, behind Internet explorer and firefox.

micro soft trying to hit a piece of heaven and earth in the field of mobile. Market research firm IDC’s global smartphone shipments, according to a report in the second quarter of 2013, Android is still to be the king of the smartphone market, market share from the same period last year growth of 69.1% to 79.3%. In addition to the Android, the only one in the second quarter growth of the operating system is Windows Phone, its market share in third place, from the same period of last year’s 3.1% to 3.7%.

according to IDC, apple’s iOS operating system while maintaining the second global smartphone market, but share fell to 13.2% from 16.6% a year earlier. Fourth place of the blackberry operating system, fell 2% year on year, the share is only 3%.

this year in June, Microsoft Windows engineering business executives Julius larsen – Green (Julie Larson – Green), said Microsoft to apple’s iOS and Google Android responded to the rise of the mobile which will need to develop applications for the two platforms. “We can for their own equipment, and other equipment platform provides unique and unusual experience.”

the idea of green in the Microsoft has struck a chord, because the company is faced with the plight of Windows PC demand fell sharply. Microsoft spokesman Frank Shaw (Frank Shaw), said: “as the market changes, we must also change accordingly.”

in July this year, Microsoft officially known as the “biggest efforts to reform” restructuring strategy: will the current eight product restructuring for four new departments, respectively is operating systems engineering group, equipment and studio set regiment, application and service engineering group, cloud and corporate engineering group. Obviously, Microsoft hopes through the reorganization from “pure software company” to the “equipment and service provider” luxuriant transformation, cope better with Google in various fields such as the challenge.

problem behind

past, Microsoft has repeatedly denounced Google, including Scroogled through newspaper ads, launched the Google website, and even to launch a Google application Googlighting movement. Google’s behavior is relatively low, it is always in a strange time to make a product modification, stop Windows Phone users to use its products, and from time to time by Larry Page (Larry Page) or Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) some critical comments.

in this round of dispute, it is worth noting that Microsoft has accused Google’s statement was not from the Windows Phone team, such as Windows Phone application and store business general manager Todd brixton (Todd Brix) or his team members. The statement from Microsoft’s antitrust division, David Howard.

Microsoft is on a global scale to Google launched an antitrust lawsuit main supporters. In the United States and Europe, Microsoft is leading a group called, it is the sole purpose of complaints Google alleged unfair competition behavior.

at present, the group has not been a real success, and a court of law in the United States and Europe have experienced some setbacks. But that didn’t stop Microsoft continues to blame Google unfair competition, Howard had Windows Phone version of the YouTube application closures statement is the latest example.

Google is determined to kill the reasons behind the Microsoft version of the YouTube application is difficult to understand. Typically, Google likes to as many users use their services in the world, hot air balloon and fiber optic network plan is proof of that. Can be in cooperation with Microsoft’s third largest mobile platform standard YouTube service, Google why every reluctance?

the only real explanation is that Google and Microsoft really have no love to each other. Microsoft to Google is the most common reactions to antitrust accused and litigation, Google is committed to launch some threat to Microsoft’s core business products and services.

the debacle with the real problem is that tens of millions of Windows Phone users can’t use YouTube application. Of course, they can through Internet explorer on Windows Phone log in YouTube. However, as long as Microsoft continues to attack each other, it will not end.

source: tencent technology