Google and apple made up? Do you believe?

Google chairman Mr Schmidt appears once on Thursday: after several talks, and the relationship between Google and apple has been greatly improved.

schmidt praised apple, Google and apple, “that is neither proud, good but the style is different company.”

schmidt in Allen & amp; The Company made Sun Valley conference in the remarks. A collection of science and technology annual meeting every year a large number of scientific elite participation, to discuss the technical innovation.

has a very complicated relations between Google and apple, let’s do a simple inventory.

and early apple and Google area border is not big, but the two schmidt and jobs have been met for many years.

when apple began to develop iPhone , the relationship between apple and Google entered the honeymoon, apple need help Google maps application, in order to perfect the iPhone user experience. Schmidt 2006 years even joined apple’s board, is responsible for the relationship between the two sides.

2007 , meeting, jobs publicly issued all over the world iPhone and it is quite advanced touch screen shows the Google maps. Schmidt appeared in the assembly stage support:

in 2007, the first generation iPhone conference: schmidt and jobs shook hands

jobs did not know, however, Google has adjusted its internal research direction, full touch screen version of the Android is underway in developing. 2008 years, Google set the global mobile phone manufacturers and operators to set up open handset alliance ( smaller companies ), issued Android and the first full touch-screen Android phone the G1 ( HTC Dream ).

after Google released for notebook system Chrome OS . In the mobile ecosystem and desktop computing devices, two areas at the same time to apple.

2009 years, schmidt was “kick” apple’s board of directors.

this is the second time that occur in the life of jobs “cruel betrayal” (the first from the gates). Walter isaacson, the book “jobs”, the referenced jobs words is enough to prove this point: “if need be, I’ll beat Android and fight to the last. I want to spend the apple in the bank’s 400 $cash, to correct Google this mistake. I want to totally beaten Android , because it’s a stolen product. I want to Android launch nuclear weapons of war.”

below, it is still not the end of patent war lasting three years, the participants include apple, samsung, HTC , MOTOROLA, etc.

always schmidt publicly denied and personal between jobs. 2010 years as a journalist who captured schmidt and jobs in the corner coffee shop brief chat:

jobs in a time at the end of the life, have received a Google founder and current page called, and teach him the corporate governance recommendations: concise line, will be focused on a few core products.

which is the page to do later, a series of cleaning, killed including Google Reader , a large number of “edge” products.

apple under the leadership of cook is very contradictory attitude towards the Google, the first in the iOS 6 to “Google”, delete the default Google map, map using apple instead. By the user and had to allow Google maps to return after strong criticism.

at the same time, there are a lot of Google is applied successfully login iOS platform that have screamed, Google in occupied by application iOS the user’s home screen, .

in the end, though schmidt at the Allen & amp; Company in Sun Valley conference did “Google and apple has improved the relationship between”, however, reporters have captured such moment:

when Google in exchange with reporters at the venue, all drink coffee outside to go shopping, cook deliberately absent.