Giant game: wireless taobao deformation and diving

in 2013, wireless taobao flow strong growth, further highlight the characteristics of the user group of sinking. Three or four line market position with increasing of the city.

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the user group of sinking

is expected by the end of this year, mobile phone taobao average daily UV number will be us $. Which is wireless taobao marketing director lu zhong tao told the world, electronic retailing managers, journalists, and the matching, 2012 wireless taobao to pay treasure to deal peak 940 million yuan on the UV number is 64.85 million, and the peak value created by a “double”.

in the flow of the strong growth at the same time, the characteristics of the user group of sinking further highlight.

the wireless taobao 2012 e-commerce data report noted that although the absolute number of users, north shenzhen first-tier cities, such as the number of users is much higher than other area, but in 2012, three or four line city user growth is significantly faster than a second-tier cities. Four cities average growth rate is highest, at 203%, while the first-tier cities lowest 146%. Puyang and including three or four line user year-on-year growth in the city’s largest city, the growth rate of 281% and 281% respectively.

at the same time, under a second-tier cities users already in 2012 reflects the strong purchasing power. According to reports, the domestic wireless taobao users per capita purchasing power rankings of the cities, the annual per capita of zhoushan’s user mobile shopping cost is highest, reaching 1721 yuan. Shanghai and guiyang ranked second and third places. And Lhasa Tibet nyingchi area per capita purchasing power into the top ten, mobile power consumption.

not statistical data in 2013, but lu zhong tao felt the three or four line city new users in the wireless taobao strong presence in the market. In this part of the users, particularly under the age of 25 young users rally. Lu zhong tao told reporters, the “world, electronic retailing managers,” this year, the user subsidence trend has made an impact on wireless channels of taobao’s promotion.

unlike taobao users in the past, represented by three or four line city crowds of people, choose to make his first visit taobao by mobile phone. In addition to all this, a second-tier cities there are also some people don’t use a computer on taobao, through the phone on taobao do more frequency of visit and buy. These wireless taobao new members to join, further stimulated the wireless taobao users more personalized, more levels of demand. Capture and process to meet those needs, but also wireless taobao deformation process.

deformation of micro tao

in 2012, wireless team in a determine the deformation of the idea, to create the meeting proposed refactoring people-centric mobile life circle. From concept to the realization of the products, represented by the tao had about 10 months.

prior to this, the wireless team follows the “platform relay, replication, taobao” “taobao wireless” path. Putting forward along with the deformation, jump out of previous thinking has become a big challenge of “wireless taobao” era. In the face of the outside world of wireless team “extinguish taobao” guess, lu zhong tao said: “we think every day is not how to extinguish taobao, we think every day is how to understand the demand of the mobile life, how to become the future of mobile life entrance.”

at present, the wireless team’s answer is that mobile phone taobao to be the entrance to the living consumption, extend from shopping to service life.

change of interaction gave rise to the “tao” such products. Team found that wireless phone taobao users often through search category such old method to get the content, but mobile phone display interface PC is relatively limited. “We think this is not the best interaction pattern.” Lu zhong tao explanation, the team launched micro tao idea is very simple, “we just want to let everyone have their own taobao, particularly easily go up.”

because the user wants to phone “temperature have media” more understand yourself, therefore the personalized demand particularly evident on mobile phones. Tao want to do, is to make users find like commodities or content accounts. In addition, from the perspective of become a portal, wireless team hopes to buyers and sellers can do better on the micro tao communication interaction. “Merchants willing to seek flow, looking for a position, consumers are willing to see good convenient goods, there have a lot of space.”

integrated these considerations, the tao as the product deformation plan is particularly noteworthy. Wireless team idea, by the tao, each user can customize their phone taobao. Lu zhong tao is expected that the future may have many offline businesses opening micro tao account. As sellers, mechanism, talent into small tao, consumer interest to choose to focus on your account, everyone is different, see taobao will be more fragmented and differentiation.

guide with the kind of product is different, the content of the micro tao will precede, tend to be a land of “seeding”, rather than the land of “harvest”, “consumer first, or to find good content, shopping is a natural transformation”. Lu zhong tao, after micro tao, place the products will be launched, explore location centered service class micro tao account appear offline life pattern.

brewing diving

according to customer’s different degrees of viscosity, wireless taobao put them into tao, tao, the tao of three types. Wireless taobao brewing products “cousin plan”, is designed through the weight for the user to help around the tao users browse, buy goods. In the team’s vision, new users in mobile phone taobao vacant feeling comes from two aspects, one is don’t know how to go, the second is don’t know how to pay. Around, but they often “within ten step there will be heavy tao” – through the cousin, cousin, dormitory students, etc. Familiar with taobao side person, can pass “lash account”, help new users in taobao purchase and payment.

as stated earlier, the wireless taobao in the face of new users, on behalf of the people is three or four line city users. Therefore, “cousin plan” is also wireless taobao for rapidly rising three or four line city users to descend a try.

in lu tao, three or four line city for wireless taobao is very important. His analysis, in the 345 cities in the crowd, taobao is the brand assets. Many people know taobao, but in the past there is no convenient devices to taobao. Now, can buy a smartphone users pay hundreds of dollars, have contact with the carrier of taobao. Next, can pass “cousin plan” and other products to help them solve the problem of use are not familiar with, through the entire path.

in the face of users show new characteristics, giant taobao multi-channel wireless. In lu zhong tao’s thought, the mobile end the future city of huge

the pitch will have a lot of forms, consumers in the era of mobile life will produce more update requirement. “Mobile Internet or mobile shopping network, including taobao, is just beginning.” He said.