Giant game between patent: the court ruled that MOTOROLA claims Microsoft’s $14.5 million

according to foreign media reported CNET science and technology, on Wednesday, Microsoft in licensing fee dispute with MOTOROLA, gaining the support of the court again. It is understood that a federal jury in Seattle, MOTOROLA mobility will pay Microsoft giant as much as $14.5 million. Microsoft originally proposed $29 million in damages.

it is understood that Microsoft and MOTOROLA’s the patent litigation began in 2010. Microsoft sued MOTOROLA at that time the high licensing fees to it. With Microsoft on Windows and Xbox used the MOTOROLA’s two patents (h. 264 video standard, the 802.11 wireless standards), MOTOROLA requires Microsoft license fee must pay $4 billion a year. Microsoft said they pay licensing fees, but I don’t agree to the price put forward by MOTOROLA. MOTOROLA required at the time, every use the patent technology of Microsoft products, all want to extract product prices 2.25% into requirements.

Microsoft vice President and general counsel David Howard (David Howard said in a statement: “this is a victory of profound significance. On the one hand, it protects lawful use of the interests of the patent for the production of factory; Again, on the other hand, it also warned of the patent owner of like Google, stop abuse their rights.”

after the verdict, MOTOROLA, said it will appeal. A company spokesman said: “although we are very disappointed with the result of the trial, however, MOTOROLA will continue to be the case in new legal issues, file an appeal.”

as early as April this year, the court has two disputes about licensing fees should be made a decision. Court declared at the time, Microsoft a year need to pay nearly $18 million for MOTOROLA mobility, and rejected the Google demands of $4 billion each for authorization.

about patent dispute cases in the field of science and technology are the norm. Though, people are advocating and promoting the principle of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory, but for a long time, the patent theft and patent abuse phenomenon occurs frequently. Possibly, the struggle between Microsoft and Google, to a certain extent, give alert to some people.