Geolocation data is being collected?

Beijing time on July 27, news, according to foreign media reports, BI Intelligence department of science and technology blog research institutions issued a report, analyzed the location data is being collected and how location data will change the entire mobile industry.

now, the number of smart phones equipped with GPS function has more than 770 million units, the geographical position data are already beginning to infiltrate the whole mobile. In addition to consumer applications such as FourSquare and Shopkick, location-based services in mobile applications there are a lot of opportunities. It can support advertising and many other services, such as weather, travel application class.

report particularly analyzes the mobile advertising based on geolocation data is how to stimulate the interest of consumer, based on the function of location data is how to improve the application utilization rate, and opened the mysterious veil of the basic technology and privacy.

pure GPS solution and its latitude and longitude tags are geographic location data generated by accepted standards. But there is at least 4 methods can obtain geographical location data:

1, mobile phone signal tower data: when mobile GPS chip can’t receive GPS signal, the mobile device requires cellphone towers connected by communication with it and estimate it with the distance between the towers to report its location. The location of data obtained through this method is better than pure GPS data accurately.

2, WiFi connections: this is a kind of to the method of the location data are obtained, but need to use effective wi-fi hotspots. The address of the WiFi and GPS coordinates are one-to-one. It can accurately identify the user’s position, therefore many retailers to provide free public WiFi services, so they could release the store mobile advertising.

3, IP address, geographical location can also be through the IP address associated with the data connection. The accuracy of this method will be owing to the different operators, reliability is lower than the above methods.

4, users report: when a user registered E-mail or mobile applications and services, they often enter their geographic location and zip code. These data can be converted to the GPS coordinates, thus to build a user base location file.

source: tencent technology