General introduction to educational philosophy

First introduced several kinds of authoritative information obtained from the “educational concept” community. [1] The professor defined the concept of education in the article “The Idea of ​​Modern University Education” in analyzing the connection and difference between educational ideas and educational thoughts and educational laws: “Educational philosophy is the educational ideal pursued by people and it is Based on the laws of education. “He added:” The scientific concept of education is a kind of ‘visionary’ that correctly reflects the nature of education and the characteristics of the times and scientifically specifies the way forward, “and of course , “The concept of education is not the reality of education, and the realization of the concept of education is a long-term struggle …” (Note: Wang Jisheng: “The Idea of ​​Modern University Education”, “Liaoning Higher Education Research,” 1999, No. 1.) Professor Wang Jisheng is to grasp the idea of ​​education with the ideal of education and the foresight of education. Professor Li Ping and others in the “confusion of education where – the reflection of the concept of education,” a text that: “Education concept is an ideal, eternal, spiritual paradigm of educational development. Education concept reflects the educational Essential characteristics, and fundamentally answer why we should do education. “(Note: Li Ping, Zhong Minghua:” where education confusion – reflection on the concept of education “,” Shanghai Higher Education Research “1998 the fifth period.) The so-called education The essential feature is that education is a fundamental characteristic of the practical activities different from other social activities. Therefore, Professor Li Ping proposed the concept of education from the perspective of ontology and epistemology of education, that is, from a basic category of educational philosophy, of. Professor Chen Guisheng’s understanding of the concept of education is very unique, (Note: see Gui Gui-sheng with: “Education Pedagogy” Discrimination “, East China Normal University Press 1997Edition page 4-12.) He” “Education” One book pointed out that in educational pedagogy the concept of “generalization” of educational concepts appeared. This phenomenon was mainly caused by the confusion between the concept of education and the concept of education, especially the concept of education instead of the concept of education. Concept “of confusion, he cited the” curriculum “and” teaching “concept examples to illustrate. In his view, the concept of education is based on the definition of logic rules and is a scientific concept. As a thinking form that reflects the essential nature of an object, the connotation of education can only be defined according to the “state of reality” of the object to which it refers. That is, a generalization of the fait accompli, while the educational philosophy is a judgment of “the proper state of education” and a concept of “good education” that permeates people’s values ​​or values ​​of education. There is no doubt that Professor Chen Gui-sheng’s understanding of the concept of education has captured the soul of the “educational concept” and is very enlightening for us to grasp the essential attribute of the concept of “educational concept.” In his article “On Campus Culture and Social Responsibility,” Ie Yee-yee and his colleagues in this article understand the concept of education in this way: “Educational philosophy refers to the idea that the top executives of schools focus on the future of students and social responsibility, and then take their own values ​​and morals Standards, based on the school held by the beliefs and attitudes. “(Note: Ik, et al:” On campus “and” social responsibility “, cross-strait cross-century university culture development Symposium, May 1999 .) So far, Professor Han Yanming’s research on education philosophy is devoted and painstaking. His research paper put forward in a doctoral dissertation titled “A Probe into the Concept of University” is: “The educational concept is that of educational thinkers and even the entire nation Long-term accumulation and formation of the educational value orientation reflected, embodied and pursued, is an ideal, spiritual, sustained and relatively stable model of education development, with a guiding, forward-looking and normative features. (Note: Han Yanming: “Analysis of University Philosophy”, Xiamen University, 2000 doctoral thesis ) Here, he has a philosophy of education-oriented, forward-looking and normative induction is accurate and meaningful, it makes the difference between people’s educational philosophy is more clear to other concepts.