Gates criticizes capitalism: pharmaceutical factory would only for the rich research and development drug…

Beijing time on March 15, news, according to foreign media reports, a few days ago, at the Royal Academy of Engineering (Royal Academy of Engineering) summit, devoted himself to charity former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates (Bill Gates), attacked the capitalist system, points out its fundamental priority problems.

from Microsoft CEO job after leaving office, Bill Gates started to put more time and money to the charity. The gates foundation is dedicated to solve the problem, especially those popular infectious diseases in underdeveloped regions, which are still in take the lives of millions of people.

Wired magazine (Wired), at the Royal Academy of engineering summit, Bill Gates, severely criticized the capitalism, and points out that such a system, priority problems fundamentally.

Mr Gates said. “our priority, leaning to the market urgently needs. But for the sake of people-oriented, malaria vaccine is probably the most need, but the research of this field, but almost no have any money. Some diseases of the wealthy, by contrast, including balding than malaria research such infectious diseases, have more research funding. It is because only the complied with the demand of the market.”

Bill Gates will be such a problem, is called “pure method of defects of capitalism”. At present, the research, including malaria treatment, is almost entirely dependent on personal generosity. Only a few institutions, including the gates foundation, in support of malignant infectious disease treatment, public education, such as urgent needs, and now the society as a whole, not to change the situation, make any effort.

the fact always seem to be some cruel,

gates thinks, at present the backward area need, is not only a medical advances, in the absence of electricity cannot be refrigerated vaccine, it also creates a lot of avoidable deaths occur.

unless a new reform, these important livelihood issues, are still hard to attract investment, also cannot let genius in them, because people are obviously more wish to join the profitable research projects.

source: tencent technology