Game companies reward employees: 237 million per 1.58 million

on October 16, 2013, palm boring technology announced to buy a 70% stake, upstream interaction with 814 million yuan for the purchase price! Announced at the same time, the upstream interactive announced an amount up to one hundred million yuan (2 employee incentive plan, as high as 1.58 million yuan per worker.

according to the interaction of upstream, employee incentive plan shows the plan a total of three components:

in the first place, the reward will cover all employees: in November, the upstream will give full payroll for all since our staff a sum of options as a reward, worth $10 million. All the positive staff will send again is equal to the total wages in cash since entry options.

second: upstream of all project bonus will be raised to 20% of the profit ratio is even higher!

finally: since 2013, to 2016 in four years, company will issue a total of $237 million in cash option for rewards!

the upstream interactive sell palm boring technology shares worth 814 million yuan, the upstream one-time lay off 237 million employees as rewards, accounted for 28.6% of the total amount of this transaction.

upstream interaction by the original EA (electronic arts) in greater China product director Liu Zhijun founded, was established only a short span of two years. Upstream interactive entrepreneurial teams only six people at first, at present the company’s market capitalization of 1.3 billion companies (70% of 800 million, a 30% stake in the price of 500 million). Upstream belongs to domestic famous game developers and operators, knew men’s swim the tower defense “center.

analysts pointed out that the upstream bring out 28.6% of the total amount of the transaction as a large employee incentive plan that will help the upstream team overall integration, further stimulate team of sex Wolf. Value of 237 million yuan of cash option, assigned to the upstream on the team of 150 people at present, and $1.58 million per person!